Welcome to Cassidy's Cakes! I'm Rory, Cassidy's Cakes Canine Connoisseur. I'm here to tell you a little about Cassidy's Custom Cakes and how they can make any occasion a special occasion.

Cassidy uses only the best ingredients, and every cake is as fun to eat as it is to see. Of course, the great thing about a custom cake is that it gets made the way you want it out of the stuff you like. Plus, the design is unique to you!

Please browse the images on this site for an idea of what Cassidy can do with a little flour, butter, sugar, and inspiration. For further information or a price quote, contact Cassidy through the Contact link on this page. Start planning today!

* Cassidy's Cakes supports worthy organizations whenever possible. If you know of an event which is "Cake Appropriate" please contact us and we may be able to make a "Dough-nation".

Beginning in April 2009, a portion of all proceeds will go to support The Weldon Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Fund at UPenn. Learn More at: http://www.weldonfop.org